Blankenburg for Congress

Why vote for Eric?

Key Solutions

Bring outsourced manufacturing and technology jobs home

Over the last 40 years, American corporations moved thousands of manufacturing facilities overseas. Millions of American jobs making critical products were lost. American corporations have also outsourced countless technology jobs to other countries. Our future depends on us bringing manufacturing and technology jobs back to America.

Make America the best place to start a new business and expand an existing one
Innovation and entrepreneurship made America the wealthiest country in the history of the world. But destructive government policies have harmed America’s economic climate. We must regain our spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by ending the damaging government policies that are harming them.
Stop illegal immgiration

The number of illegal crossings at the southern border since Joe Biden has been President totals more than eight million people, which is greater than the individual populations of 38 U.S. states. This is unprecedented in history and has created a host of intractable problems. We must regain control of our border immediately.

Simplify the tax code and overhaul the regulatory system
The U.S. has one of the most complicated and inefficient tax and regulatory systems in the world, which harms American competitiveness. It also favors large corporations over startups and small businesses, who can’t afford the cost of compliance. Reforming our complex, inefficient, and counterproductive tax and regulatory systems is a key component of rebuilding a great American future.
Create a world class workforce by creating a world class education system

From the cotton gin to the microprocessor and beyond, America’s prosperity has always been driven by our technical prowess. Today, our education system is not producing students with the math and science education needed to compete in the global economy. We cannot continue to be a wealthy country with an innumerate and scientifically illiterate population.

Revitalize our underprivileged urban and rural communities

America has many underprivileged citizens in cities and rural areas who don’t have the skills and resources to succeed in the market. This has led to many social dysfunctions including depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, suicide, and broken families. It’s time to stop ignoring this problem and tackle it head on.

Renew our aging and overburdened infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is aging and overburdened. Unfortunately, many recent infrastructure projects have been politically motivated boondoggles. We must find new and innovative approaches to rebuild our critical infrastructure that doesn’t waste money on politically motivated projects.

Restore the trade and tariff system that built America and made it great

America’s economic history doesn’t support the ideology of the so-called “free traders”. The highest economic growth rates in American history were between 1861 and 1933, when the average tariffs on manufactured goods were 50%. This is the era when America became the industrial powerhouse of the world. We must jettison the destructive “free trade” policies and restore the policies that built America.

Create a green future that is technologically feasible and economically viable

Yes, we can have a sustainable future with green and reliable energy. But it won’t happen unless the unworkable, costly, and economically destructive policies of the Biden administration are changed. Any movement to a greener future must be led by the market, not the government, to ensure that it is technologically feasible and economically viable.

Stay out of pointless foreign wars

The politicians have wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives on pointless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. Politicians of both parties are to blame. And the consequences have been disastrous. It's time to fundamentally change the direction of our foreign policy.

The Constitution and Federalism

Protect our Constitutional Rights

Our Constitutional Rights are under attack like never before. Some of the recent attacks are unprecedented in history, while others are just a continuation of the long battle between Americans and those that want to rob us of our liberties. We need a renewed commitment to the Bill of Rights if we are to remain a free, just, and peaceful society.

Rein in the corrupt federal bureaucracy

The last few years have brought shocking revelations about the political corruption that pervades virtually every agency of the federal government from the justice system to the intelligence community to the public health services. It’s imperative that we root this corruption out of the government before we lose our rights and our country.


Re-federalizing abortion law through legislation, as many people on both sides of the aisle advocate, would be a huge mistake. In our federalist system, abortion policy belongs with the states.

The federal government claims that cannabis is a dangerous drug that doesn’t have any medicinal value. But they also tell state governments that they can legalize cannabis and the federal government won’t enforce the law. The two positions are incompatible and have placed millions of patients and business owners in a precarious situation. The federal government must clarify its position on cannabis one way or another.

Entitlement Programs


America spends a larger percentage of its GDP on healthcare than any other country. And our healthcare outcomes are not that good. There are solutions, but the politicians have refused to address the issues. It’s time to change that.

Social Security

The American population is rapidly aging. The Social Security Trustees tell us that by 2034, Social Security benefits will have to be cut by 23% to support retirees because there won’t be enough people paying into the system to sustain current benefit levels. We must act before millions of retirees who rely on the benefits are harmed.



The vaccine debate in the United States has become completely dysfunctional. On one side are people who believe that we should just blindly follow the edicts of the public health authorities. On the other side are those who think that all vaccines are unnecessary. I don’t agree with either of these positions.

Racism and Antisemitism

Racism and antisemitism are collectivist mentalities which judge people based on their perceived membership in a group rather than as individuals. There isn’t any room for racism or antisemitism in America.