Blankenburg for Congress

Rein in the Corrupt Federal Bureaucracy


The last few years have brought shocking revelations about the political corruption that pervades virtually every agency of the federal government from the justice system to the intelligence community to the public health services. It’s imperative that we root this corruption out of the government before we lose our rights and our country.

Key Recommendations

Civil Service

Turn federal workers in “policy-related” positions into political appointees.

Place lifetime term limits on political appointees to halt the rotation between agencies and the corporations they regulate.

Make federal workers “at-will” employees who can be terminated for poor job performance and insubordination.


Create an Executive Branch Inspector General that reports to the President. Each department Inspector General should report to the Executive Branch Inspector General to ensure they are independent from the departments they are investigating.

Create an Executive Branch CFO that reports to the President. Each department’s financial staff should report to the Executive Branch CFO eliminate embezzlement and other financial corruption.


Pass strict rules on what government materials can be classified and for how long to prevent the bureaucracy from classifying materials for the purposes of covering up their own bad behavior.


Make it easier for bureaucrats to be prosecuted for violating our Constitutional rights and other laws.


Terminate the senior members of these agencies who have been politically corrupted.

Rescind all the post-9/11 reforms that moved control away from the field offices and centralized it with the D.C. office.

Perform regular reviews of all programs in these agencies to ensure they are truly needed and are compliant with the Constitution and other laws.

Intelligence Agencies

Terminate the senior members of these agencies who have been politically corrupted.

Conduct a deep review of the activities of every intelligence agency and eliminate agencies, departments, and programs that don’t comply with the Constitution and other laws.

Public Health Agencies

Remove big pharma’s influence over the agencies.

Prevent agency employees from profiting off patents and other financial arrangements with big pharma.


Lying, Spying, Censoring, and Entrapping has become the motto of the federal government. Virtually every agency of the government including the DOJ, FBI, CIA, other intelligence agencies, public health services like the CDC, NIH, and FDA, the Department of Defense, and State Department has been involved in one or more of those activities over the last several years, and probably longer.

The government lied to us about war; lied to us about public health; forcibly closed churches; closed small businesses while allowing giant retailers to operate freely; spied on concerned moms at schoolboard meetings; spied on traditional Catholics; referred to patriots as “domestic terrorists"; colluded with social media to censor dissenting voices; tried to entrap Americans into committing crimes; and pursued political prosecutions of President Trump and his supporters. It is an intolerable situation which threatens our status as a free society. And it is completely unacceptable that no one has been held accountable for their actions.

It’s time to put a stop to it all. As your next Congressmen, I will not rest until the political corruption that pervades our government is rooted out and destroyed. I will also not rest until the people who perpetrated these acts against the American people are brought to justice.