Blankenburg for Congress

Stop the illegal immigration


The number of illegal crossings at the southern border since Joe Biden has been President totals more than eight million people, which is greater than the individual populations of 38 U.S. states. This is unprecedented in history and has created a host of intractable problems. We must regain control of our border immediately.

Key Recommendations

Criminal consequences

Make being in America illegally a real crime punishable by a long term in prison, followed by deportation. This will prevent many new people from illegally entering the U.S. and will cause many illegals who are already here to leave.

Birthright citizenship

End birthright citizenship for anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident. This will end birth tourism.


Finish the border wall and increase the number of Border Patrol agents.

Asylum program

Temporarily suspend the asylum program until the rest of the immigration system is fixed.


No amnesty for people who broke the law.