Blankenburg for Congress

Create a world class workforce by creating a world class education system


From the lightening rod to the microprocessor and beyond, America’s prosperity has always been driven by our technical prowess. Today, our education system is not producing students with the math and science education needed to compete in the global economy. We cannot continue to be a wealthy country with an innumerate and scientifically illiterate population.

Key Recommendations

Free the schools from the mind numbing federal bureaucracy

It’s not a coincidence that the performance of American students has progressively gotten worse since the Department of Education was created in the 1970’s. Federal mandates have not improved the public schools at all. The Department of Education should be eliminated.

Inject competition into the system

I also support efforts by state governments to break up their public-school monopolies through school choice legislation.

Replace the student loan program

The federal student loan program is also one of the most bizarre programs in the history of government. It entices young people to go deeply into debt to pursue college degrees that don’t impart marketable skills. It’s not good for the students and it’s not good for the country. The program should be replaced with one that reimburses students for passing classes in a STEM discipline, healthcare, or a skilled trade. This will help young people build a better future for themselves and America.

Limit the number of foreign nationals in STEM programs

The majority of graduate students in STEM programs in American universities are foreign nationals. The competition has driven up the cost of college tuition and shut out American students. The number of foreign students in these programs should be capped at a much lower level to reduce costs and make room for Americans.